Monday, April 1, 2013

30 Day House Cleaning Challenge: Day 1

This month I am participating in Money Saving Mom's 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge.  Today's tasks were surface cleaning the living room and kitchen as well as getting rid of at least 7 items. And of course on the very first day I forget to take before and after pictures! 

The living rooms were fairly easy since we weren't home yesterday. It was mostly just picking a few toys up and vacuuming. I also did a quick wipe down of the tv stand and I vacuumed under the stairs in the family room.

The kitchen was a different story, and I was so happy my husband was here to help me! We cooked some things for Easter dinner yesterday morning and spent all day away from home. We didn't get home until pretty late, so we had quite the mess waiting for us this morning! With his help we were able to get everything done in about 30 minutes, so not too bad.

The seven things I got rid of were all from the kitchen. Specifically, paper junk. The kitchen seems to be the landing spot for all junk mail! So I sorted and tossed things that weren't important.

Day 2 Update

Are you also participating in the challenge?? If so, how did day 1 go for you?


  1. I am participating in the challenge. I didn't show any before pictures on my blog.
    I am not ready to share that mess with the world!

  2. Great job!


  3. Gosh I should do this but I am going through a Nesting phase as I prep for the twins. If I only had the energy, LOL!

  4. cleaning it all out.. It's spring and no more time inside.. shortly

  5. I am not participating, but I did do some MAJOR cleaning and purging this weekend! I do have piles of junk mail and school papers in the kitchen too!

  6. I really should join a challenge like this - I still haven't caught up on the cleaning since Hurricane Sandy! :)

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