Tuesday, April 2, 2013

30 Day House Cleaning Challenge: Day 2

Day 2 of Money Saving Mom's 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge consisted of the BATHROOM! And she picked a good day for it, usually I'm pretty good about surface cleaning the bathroom, but today I had lots of STUFF hanging around.


Today I put everything back in its place, wiped down counters, and scrubbed the toilet. My daughter was begging for food so I decided to leave the sweeping and mopping for tomorrow =)

Are you participating in the challenge? Let me know how day to went for you!


  1. Hi Brooke! I also cleaned my bathrooms today and I have to say, I'm glad it's done for a has to be the thing I like to clean the least. This sort of challenge helps me get things done (especially the deep cleaning that I tend to ignore) :)

  2. They make a rack that hangs on the wall that would work great for your magazines. Then you could get a basket that sits on the top of the toilet so you can put your products in. It would give you more counter space. I just cleaned both bathrooms yesterday.

    1. Awesome suggestions, thanks! Our main bathroom has been under construction for a while, so things get tight with everyone sharing this one =)

  3. Looks nice and tidy!



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