Monday, May 19, 2014

30 Days To An Organized Home: Day 1 Update

In case you missed my earlier post, I'm starting a 30 day organizing challenge just in time for summer! 

Today's task was organizing the coat closet. I had hoped to get some rockin before & after pics, but my camera charger seem to be MIA (can you tell how much I need this challenge?). A few months ago we did a huge purge of the coat closet. It was once the hiding spot where we put everything from our move that didn't have a home yet. There was literally no room to actually hang coats in the coat closet! Today I worked on packing away heavier coats, getting rid of coats that no longer fit, and finding homes for all of our winter gear- such as hats, gloves, etc. We also have a small filing box in that closet that holds paper items, such as envelopes, printer paper, etc. I tidied that up a bit and assessed my inventory. Total, today's project only took about 30 minutes! So how did you do? Leave me a comment and let me know! If you are blogging about the challenge as well, drop a link so I can check out your freshly organized space!

Happy organizing!

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