Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Monster High: Ghouls Rule DVD


My family and I had the opportunity to review Mattel's Monster High: Ghouls Rule recently. I have to say, this was my first experience with anything Monster High. I've actually never been a fan of the whole "vampires & zombies" craze, so I just avoided anything that even might fit that description. I invited my neice over to watch it, since I wasn't sure of the age appropriateness for my own children. It turns out that while I think that the Monster High brand is more geared towards the 7-9 crowd, there is absolutely nothing offensive in the movie that would make it something that the younger kids can't watch too. Even my 5 year old boy and 30 year old husband got into it! I was expecting simple entertainment, but there was actually a strong moral teaching to the story. The Monster Girls were always told to stay inside on Halloween because being out and about would cause friction with the "normies". The girls decided that they wouldn't hide, and that they would unite with the normies to prove that all walks of life can get along just fine. Ghouls Rule was definitely released at the right time, since the movie is centered around Halloween, but I think that it would definitely make a great holiday gift as well! You can purchase Monster High: Ghouls Rule HERE!


  1. Oooh! I think my little girl would love to watch that. She's almost four and I think as long as she watches it with Parental Guidance, it's ok.

  2. girls will surely love this. i rarely watch creepy and scary movie though hehehe

  3. My little one would love this! She doesn't have anything Monster High related but everyone we pass by one of their toys she seems really interested.

  4. My niece would totally love this dvd


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